About Us

The Expectations Project mobilizes people of faith to demand excellent public schools for children who are Black, Brown, in poverty and otherwise marginalized. At The Expectations Project, we will continue to support and mobilize activism around policy changes that improve the material conditions of Black, Brown and marginalized students and ensures that every child is safe each time they walk into a school.

Our founder, Nicole Baker Fulgham, grew up with the rich tradition of activism in the AME church. She witnessed first hand how people of faith demanded and ensured better support for her Black, Detroit community. Through her work as a teacher and executive staff member at Teach for America, Nicole saw many opportunities for people of faith to leverage their influence towards systemic change for public education. Ten years ago, she left TFA and launched The Expectations Project - to rally people who believe in Black, Brown, poor and otherwise marginalized students.

We are people who expect a greater, safer, more beautiful and more just world for all students to learn and thrive in. We are advocates who expect more from ourselves and from all adults to provide for children well. We are a community who expects and believes in the brilliance of all of our babies - every last one. We refuse to accept one school system for affluent, white children and another for everyone else.