We want EVERY child to have mental and medical health care and a community of adults who are responding to their needs.

Advocacy Week:
Monday, Mar. 28 - Friday, Apr. 1

This week, we are calling on those who hold power in our local context to make that dream a reality.

Will you join us?

Monday //
Write Your Letter

Share why it’s important to you to let a child be a child.

Wednesday //
Get Your People

Find some friends who will sign your letter or write their own.

Friday //
Make Your Voice Heard

Tell your local leaders to let a child be a child.

The Moment


Let a Child Be a Child

35 million students are in schools WITH law enforcement but WITHOUT key support staff like counselors, nurses, and psychologists.

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Black girls are 4x more likely to be arrested in school


72% of children will experience a traumatic event before they reach 18.