Kirk Franklin shared a shocking fact about education inequality


Kirk Franklin, one of the nation’s leading recording artists, has teamed up with Hope for Students, The Expectations Project and education equity advocates everywhere — people like you — to shine a light on education inequality.

He just shared a shocking statistic about the cause in this video on his Facebook profile.

“I’ve teamed up with The Expectations Project [and Hope for Students] to help fight for education equality, so all God’s children have an access to a good education regardless of where they’re born or the color of their skin. Now only eight percent of kids growing up in low-income communities graduate from college by age 24. Sad, isn’t it? We’ve got to do our part to help increase that number.”

Here’s the data Kirk Franklin is referencing, via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:


We all need to do our part to help ensure that a child’s zip code, economic background, or color of their skin, doesn’t determine their educational destiny. If you haven’t taken the Hope for Students pledge, do it right now!

It’s just one tangible way you can stand up for our nation’s students.

May 17, 2016
The Expectations Project

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  1. We are from a lower middle class family and all 3 of my kids struggled in school. They each had a learning disorder that was ignored. I tried to get them tested in the school system and was met with all types of road blocks. I finally hired my own tutors and that helped some. But, our minority kids struggle and we as a race must find a unique way of helping them succeed in life and get a higher education. A great education is the key.

  2. This movement is great. I am a mother of three and I am always trying to reach other kids in the streets. An Author of In The Stranger’s House. Keep up the hard and good work

  3. We must address reading on grade level……every possible intervention must be implemented early to save children !

    Learning is fun for children with social cspital!

  4. If I told the world that I have the solution, with convincing evidence (similar to the history of victory that King David had as a shepherd boy) some may believe, some will not. But, I believe there are others who also possess single solutions other than just me; they require true faith. The enemy is busy working against us all. Where are the people with endless resources to SCOUT US OUT, as is done for basketball and football candidates?

    I am a former elementary music teacher from Chicago, IL, who also grew up in one of the worse, high crime areas, Englewood. I believe I made a large difference during my tenure, just in loving the parents, students and staff with God’s Love, THRU FAITH. I was a church musician growing up, also a family man of four children. We all as a family have either taught, became a military veteran, or life-long mentor to youth and young adults; very gifted family. We also followed K. Franklin, F. Hammond, D. McClurkin and other gospel artists.

    I believe that if everyone would look closely at all the efforts and work being done, to either change or address the educational disparities among people of color in America you will find hardly ANY (if any) biblical and faith-based solutions that are being suggested. How many are aware of the almost disappointing response that Jesus had to the man that did not get a healing from the disciples of Jesus, all due to a lack of faith (Matt 17:17)? Many, many churches still have a name, but they are dead, because of NO POWER (Rev 3:1). Many were never Jesus-assigned churches from the start. It is an ugly mess, but there is so much hope, if we change the way we view everything, via faith, hope and love of the Spirit (Gal 5:22).

    When it comes to solving problems, finding solutions and answering the hard questions it all seems to be a bit much, especially for those who are standing in positions to lead, and secretly battling problems of their own, due to a lack of faith. Where are the masters and PHDs of Jesus Faith? My resolve may not seem adequate or evident to many, but I still say this, if there is one true, common denominator that is the solution for all of the educational, social, spiritual, and economical ills then, the most honest people will resolve it to be self-sacrificing faith works, the kind that gets your hands dirty, the kind that always got things done. Simply put, much like the earth or universe, it seems that life and living are also complex things. They too need the Creator’s kids to make them work well, and SING!

  5. I want to do my part. My Pastor (Dr. Paul R. Lee, Pastor/Teacher, Jones Memorial Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA) has a vision to join forces with our schools in and around our Church. So far we have joined with Temple University, Dobbins High, Disston Elementary, and several others, as well as supporting young people’s endeavors such as Jasmine A. Smith formed Eyekonz Field Hockey and Lacrosse League for under privilege schools in and around Philly/Suburbs.

  6. I am an educator and this is the first time I heard of this organization. Yes!!! I want to do my part as well.

  7. i love this movement. I love these leaders for starting it. Been a fan of Kirk and propagandas work for a minute.

    Can’t fix education without addressing substance abuse, trauma, incarceration…

    I work as a teacher in a county jail. How do we connect all this to a common movement? I have some ideas. Please contact me.

    1. That common movement is the key Jen, in my opinion. I am authoring a book on FAITH, real FAITH, bible-based FAITH. Today, it is much like the times of Sodom and Gomorrah, wherein no one is challenging each other with Abraham type faith works. Find me two professors in one particular Faith-Based university that actually teaches and lives BY JESUS OR ABRAHAM FAITH and I will show you a miracle. I know they are there, but where is the bible acts of faith in the schools or the communities?

      There are countless new school types, charter schools and more that are growing by numbers, and they all are still selling the same old warm-over soup. That soup is that same set of hoops that disqualifies that same group of creative and rare teachers, along with the students that need the help the most.