Will You Stand for our Nation’s Most Vulnerable Students? Join Us for Hope on the Hill.


Our nation’s most vulnerable students are depending on you.
Will you stand with thousands of fellow Christians as a Messenger of Hope?

In the midst of high-stakes negotiations on Capitol Hill over President Trump’s proposed cuts to the national education budget, how will we as people of faith respond?

Hope on the Hill is a day of prayer, worship, and action to call on our national elected leaders to protect funding for programs that benefit our most vulnerable students. This fall thousands of Christians across America will unite with one voice on their behalf.

On October 17, 2017, we will converge on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC with a small group of influential pastors, activists, and artists—who collectively represent millions of Christians—to amplify your voice and hand-deliver this urgent message to our leaders.

Together we will learn about the challenges facing our schools, we will pray for justice, and we will boldly advocate because all God’s children deserve an amazing education.

Here’s what you can do to join us for Hope on the Hill:

  • Add your voice: Sign the Matthew 25 Declaration on Public Education. We will hand deliver this message to the Congressional leaders we meet with on October 17.
  • Call Congress – October 17: Pick up the phone to ask our leaders in the U.S. House and Senate to protect funding for our most vulnerable students.

On October 12, the week before Hope on the Hill, we will be offering a FREE webinar with some practical tips on becoming a better advocate—from the biblical foundations of advocacy to learning more about educational equity as a critical biblical justice issue.

As Americans and Christians, bound together by our love for God and neighbor, we believe God stands with those whom Jesus called “the least of these”, and that the moral test of government is how it treats those who are most often left out and left behind.

We believe President Trump’s proposed education budget falls short of this moral test. As Congressional negotiations over this budget reach fever pitch this fall it is absolutely essential for people of faith to urge House and Senate leaders to pursue a better path.

Will you stand with thousands of fellow Christians to pray and act for students?

October 9, 2017
The Expectations Project

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  1. I AM SO GLAD THAT THIS GROUP IS ADVOCATING FOR EDUCATION Equality. My daughter and her friends received a harsher punishment than their white counterparts students involving an unsupervised bus incident that occurred off campus of the University of Albany. The students involved that started the fight were underage drinking drunk and drunk and disorderly and these students were not addressed for there inappropriate behavior which is also a violation of the schools conduct code. My question is how do we as Christians take a stand for students who are oppressed for standing up for there rights and then silenced and vilified by there own educational institution? A higher education learning institution that minimizes the consequences or overlooks the behavior of drunk and disorderly students. This is not the quality education I thought my daughter should had been entitled to and not to mention the emotional and financial cost to my family. I would like to know the number to call congress on October 17, 2017.