Win a FREE Kirk Franklin event in your hometown!


Want to bring Kirk Franklin and other amazing artists to your hometown for an event to shine a light on education inequality?

Take the Hope for Students pledge anytime between now and July 31, 2016 and you’ll automatically be entered in a contest to win a FREE opportunity attend an exclusive event with Kirk Franklin to rally people of faith to end educational inequality and celebrate local heroes who are making a difference for students. Pro-tip: Whatever zip code generates the most pledges wins! 

On September 10, 2016  Hope for Students will be hosting one special event featuring Kirk Franklin and other artists called ZIP CODE ≠ DESTINY. All movement makers (i.e. anyone who takes the Hope for Students pledge) within 50 miles of this special event will be given a free ticket to attend. Did we mention this event will be held in whatever city has the most pledge takers?

In other words, don’t just take the Hope for Students pledge yourself. Share it with your congregation! Win this together.

“Wait, what is the Hope for Students pledge?”

We’re glad you asked. At Hope for Students our vision is to grow a national movement of people of faith, people just like you, who will stand up and make few small commitments on behalf of students: 1) To pray for our nation’s students, especially for those who are being left behind; 2) To learn more about education inequality; and 3) To find ways to make a difference for students right in your own backyard. The Hope for Students movement is here to help guide you on this journey.

We promise we won’t bombard you with emails or ask you for money. That’s not what this is about. This is about giving everyone a place to start. You don’t need to understand everything, or have all the answers. You just need to make a commitment to understand more. Hope for Students is here to help you do that. It’s also about the power of standing up and being counted.

That’s what you’re doing by taking the Hope for Students pledge. You’re raising your hand. You’re shining a light.

So what are you waiting for? Recruit your friends, your small group (or even your whole congregation!) to increase your chances of bringing Kirk Franklin to your town. Take the Hope for Students Pledge to enter the contest. Official contest rules here.

Here’s the Hope for Students pledge:

Hope For Students + Kirk Franklin.001

June 2, 2016
The Expectations Project

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  1. Great grassroots movement that is Christian-based and very much needed today to fight discrimination in schools, and other unfair policies that hurt all children.

  2. It is 2018 an I am just learning about this cause. I am an adult learner and know this cause is essential to the educational needs of minority children. I know support is needed just by the feelings tha I have as an adult going for my 3rd degree. Equality and respect must be upheld. Opportunities depend on access to learning and fair sharing of knowledge plus fair evaluation
    It seems students of all ages will have to be encouraged to continue studying even through the difficulties. Find the resources that will help you to understand the subject better. You may have to spend extra time on a subject and find tutors who can help you learn. Keep communication open with your teachers. Ask why are you failing. What material do you need to know to pass. Reach for more than just passing. Go back over the topic until you get it. Use online tools and ask lots of questions. Do not be disruptive, be inquisitive. Look up the questions you need to know. Find the answers and learn why they are the answers. I am learning to be a teacher of nurses. Never give up. I love gospel music. Play gospel music and keep on studying. God bless!
    Does anyone know which zipcode got to have the Kirk Franklin concert?

  3. I know God is hearing the voices of our children…crying out for help. He take great care of his babies. Those that treats them wrongfully…they will reap what they have sowed. I just know God has it all in his hands.
    Peace Queen

  4. I am pleading because in Raleigh NC our school system is not good the teacher’s are not paid a really fair wage,my oldest grandchild goes to a school in Wilson NC were she is failing and the resources that are suppose to be in place for her and all children with IEPs are not there and majority of the children are black in this school nothing is being done so I do it myself and I will keep doing what I can but shame on this school for failing my granddaughter and all kids that go to this school in Wilson NC, and don’t forget the parents you have to be involved show your face ,so they know you are committed to helping,its not all the schools responsibility, so if you are not doing your part then shame on you pledge I am going to get my high school diploma I am 56 years old, stopped at 12 grade I want to be a great example to her and any other child Thank you.

  5. As a parent with five black boy’s I’ve seen it all. Not only with kids bulling. Also teacher’s deliberately bulling black kids. Giving them difficult assignments and constantly picking on them for Petty stuff. Zip code 07042. Time for change enough is enough.

  6. Students, No matter what the Zip code is deserve a great education fairness can bring about changing the way it was done in the pass happy to see things happen now .

  7. Hello, My name is Judith E Kinnard. I am so excited and grateful to see this ministry come forth for the sake of our children. I am a child advocate, & I simply love children. I believe they are God’s gift to the earth. My love and compassion for children was birthed when I was thirteen years old, while working in the church nursery. I simply have a heart for children, to make sure they have what they are supposed to have in this journey called life. Yet somehow they have been forgotten and it is not the will of God. The vision of this ministry is a fresh wind, that brings new life for the sake of the children. This has been ordained & equipped by God to go forth in his authority. In order to save our children and to be their voice. The voices of our children have been smothered out for far too long. I am a Licensed Minister, and I truly believe this is a part of the call of the church. In reality, if there are no children the church will perish. With this one truth, the thought in it’s self is quite startling.
    It is imperative that our children are allowed to, deserve to, and need to have the best education this world can offer them just as other children do. I have been a Director of Child Care Centers. I have held the position of an Asstisant Director of different Preschools Centers.. I have also been in the position of an Assistant Lead Teacher in the school system where I currently reside. I have loved.being in those positions, it is wonderful & challenging at the same time. In those positions God has given me stewardship over these children to plant positive seed in them, as they began their journey of education and life in general. It is an honor to pour into them.. There is no greater joy than to teach them, nuture them, give them hope & unconditional love, which so many children lack. When I am teaching and I see a child’s eyes light up, because they can write their own name for the first time. It makes my heart smile when they can sing, or recite their ABC’S for the first time, without needing me to assist them, that is so rewarding. I realize that the right kind of teaching builds self confidence in them. Having a great education is the door of opportunity to the greatness that comes with a proper education. It also motivates them to keep moving forward. Even with that, there is still so much to be done. I have seen and experienced a lot negative things while teaching children,thses things are totally out of order. It’s a place where the children are totally disregarded. Also the children are continually moved to the bottom of the page, or sometimes they are nowhere on the page. Those are things that burdens me, and infuriates me. Yet, with this ministry comes a light in the darkness. This vision is the voice of change, that allows our children to be who they are created to be. They will be confident in who they are. They will be brilliant, they will walk with their heads up, shoulders back, chest out, and yes they will walk among the elite.
    This change can only come by building a strong and compassionate community that takes the appropriate actions.., These actions will lead us towards the greater goal, which is to make sure that our children are allowed to receive everything that God has ordained for them so they are lacking nothing!. I am extremely blessed about this incredible journey. .God Bless, the visionaries that have been this given this life changing assignment. I encourage you to Keep God first, continue to obey his direction. Always follow his leading, his wisdom & his knowledge. Continue to walk boldly in your God given Authority and continue to walk in this journey of faith. The time to be the difference in the Earth is now!! For such a time is this!! Thank you for your obedience.., You are blessed and highly favored. God Bless..

  8. Thank you for all of us making a difference in the lives of students. May God honor everyone diligence. Blessings

    Jacob & Joy Zeiset

  9. So happy this is yet current. I would certainly enjoy keeping abreast of progress of events and special interests> Thank you!

  10. This discrimination has been going on for a very long time. People used to think I was being radical and when I would talk about the difference in schools between the rich and the poor neighborhoods so I am more than happy to be a part of your program to make sure that my grandchildren can have the same opportunities in school as people who live in better zip codes

  11. Louisville, Kentucky is a great need for a better program for our children that are not controlled by people historically has not had our best interests.

  12. We need help! Not just my family but every family suffering from homelessness! My son and I are, by law, considered homeless even though we are staying in temporary housing. As I began to try to enroll him in school, in this new city in this new state, we began running into numerous obstacles. Yes we are protected by the Mckinney-Vento Act to actually get him in school. However, the temporary shelter we are currently in is zone for a not so good school. Even though the Mckinney-Vento Act states that under the ‘Best Interest’ that a homeless student can go where the parent wishes’ it doesn’t actually mean that. So after days of phone calls to everyone in the area. Yesterday we had a breakthrough! Not through the Mckinney-Vento Act law but just through school transfer, I was able to transfer my son to another high school! I understand how important quality education is and I do not believe it is just or right to deprive ANY student the RIGHT to quality, free, public education because of where they live or their living situation (such as homelessness). We as parents should not have to spend weeks fighting the systems in order for our children to receive quality education! In a country that is so wealthy, how can we be so poor when it comes to empowering and educating our future generations?!
    We need to speak up! We need to be the change for our children!

  13. The quality of a child’s life should not be diminished by any restrictions, that has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle in their community.
    I will read everything that you have presented in your request to be supported, and share with my church family.
    St. Augustine Presbyterian Church
    838 East 165th Street
    Bronx, NY 10459.
    You are in my prayers.

  14. I am a product of HISD Houston Independent school s. Both before integration At a predominately black school Langston on Jensen Dr.learning was prized and during integration At Bowie. Burbank,and Sam Houston HS; I received a great education.At Texas Southern University An HBU I had world class Professors who prepared me for the world along w 6 other family members. I believe that all of our schools in Houston could be worthy for all of our kids. How can it be that some schools I’ve entered don’t have toilet paper and paint their walls black. No books or homework home.After school tutorials to pass the tests only.Accomadations slashed for children with special needs. In school counseling at certain schools. A pass through counselor at others usually the schools that need it more. Some schools have a a discipline room teacher and counselor others have neither. And their cutting Special Ed

  15. I’m joining your mission for our children. I haven’t read all the posting and talk sessions as,I was,so anxious to cimplete,all required to this post. I will be gathering members at my church bringing all on board. My church, Third Baptist Church of Chicago believe in a good education through our ministries raising funds for scholarships, etc.. I pray this will be a SUCCESS accomplishing higher goals for equality in education for our young children as well as older seekers fir knowledge . I’m excited!

  16. I hope it not to late to be part of this great opportunity. This came on my Facebook page after July 2016 as a matter of fact today is August 24, 2017.

  17. Thank God for this site, it is so important that we instill in our young people that first without GOD nothing is possible but with Him all things are possible, no such thing as I can’t or I quit but make learning fun and interesting. Kirk met you Macon Ga.many years ago lol, God bless you, I am a Pastor now of a small church building a wonderful ministry . Our youth need to know that can pray in school for themselves and their teacher and other students. They are big in the eyesight of God.Reach for it, it’s right there.Amen

  18. Thank you for letting us join in with you on this. Our children are our future and with the way things are in the world today, they need more guidance then ever before.
    Education is the key, but for some looking at the way things are today say what is the point. Thanks

  19. Awesome it’s nice to hear positive thoughts and actions for the younger generation.
    They need all the encouragement to give them the self confidence that the sky is the limit.if they can dream it they surely can achieve any thing they set their minds too.
    I believe any thing is possible.

  20. In the city of Newark N.J. I’ve noticed a great inequality in the way children travel to and from school.Children in this city have so much to be concerned with before they actually reach their school building. The areas that many have to travel through are so poorly taken care of and danger seems to lurk around every corner. In other parts of the state children get on a school bus that takes them to and from school but in the city of Newark many children get to and from school by public transportation systems that doesn’t care about the children’s wellbeing. Most time the buses are crowed and often pass student by because there is no standing room. How does the benefit a leaner. Something has to be done to assure that our city children have a their fair share @ learning.

  21. I would love to see Kirk Franklin come to our town to speak and mentor to our youth. Our youth need someone like Kirk to keep them focused on God so they would love and come to church more.

  22. I live in a Tiny Tiny Rural Town in Tennessee, my Mother and Ancestors were born here and attended “Polk Clark” a all Black School from the early 1930’s. I attended this school in the 1960’s before Intergration Took place, and it’s still standing…Empty but Standing only because the economic levels, here are low. But it has potential hopefully the, “Young People” will come up with a plan soon…

  23. Thank you for caring about our students education. I am willing to help any where I can to encourage and up the lows and the highs.

  24. This is great I have always believe your environment shouldn’t determine your education everyone deserves a first class education. Please don’t put our children in coach because of the location of their zip code

  25. I am so glad I stumbled across this website because it shows that somebody or rather some of God’s children are looking out for all of God’s children. I believe with his Blessings the goal of this movement must and will be accomplished.

  26. I promise to share this with my family and friends. I am so happy that we can come together and help our children. I pray that all of God’s children all across America will get the best education they deserve. Praise God for you Mr. Kirk Franklin for making a difference in our culture.

  27. I really like this article but it is out of date. I would love to see Kirk Franklin come to this small town that has a black cloud lingering over it.Our young people need to have more male role models and need to know God more than ever.

  28. Yes, kids, should ? go to any school ? and stop going to the school they don’t want to go ?? because. They have to. Some of them are not good. Some of them are ?? not good ?? school ?

  29. I pray that all of God’s children all across America will get the good education they deserve. Devil we put you on Blast! This education inequality must stop ! it will stop in Jesus Name. I Decree and Declare that All Of God’s Children will be Educated in The Mighty Name Of Jesus.

  30. I would like to pray the the kids in Kalamazoo County, on getting the most out of there education and promoting a better future for them all, in Jesus name Amen!

  31. I pledge grace, mercy,and favor over the Richmond county school system and the children that are coming after me. I pray that in the name of Jesus.

  32. With all due respect, this article is from 2016 and this is 2017. I don’t know if the date didn’t get updated about the concert or if it was only in 2016. I just wanted to bring that to someone’s attention.

    Thank you,

    1. Post
      1. I ate rotten bread due to poverty from South African Apartheid. My mom cannot read and right but supported me to be a Medical Doctor and Radiation Oncology Resident. I have been featured on Oprah Magazine for being the only doctor from my village. I am in New York City mentoring medical students and USA schools. I never had a mentor I am a mentor today. I support this amazing project you ate doing for poor US communities

  33. I Pledge for HOPE and I’m Praying for our Nations Students. We must Help them, Teach them, Show them, Mode them, and Make them know that they can to Achieve and Succeed to the Highest Power. I feel that this Movement will start a New Direction for the upcoming of ALL youths, so that they can make conscious decisions on long term goals…for so many of the youths and young adults if we would just ask God to Bridle our tongues when speaking about the wrong things or things that is not necessary and cease from careless talking and take Actions, for we’ve learned many, many years ago that A Mind is a terrible thing to waste. Get them away from thinking bad spirits and restore the fear of the Lord in them. We have to put things in their path to help build them up,to eliminate any excuses they may have for not standing up and doing their best. #HOPEFORSTUDENTS

  34. Thank God for this movement to help out with children because no one seems to care I’ve been praying about this for quite some times now now I’m a grandmother and I will do just whatever I have to do to help you thank God for you

  35. Inequality in schools are totally wrong and unfair to students. A zip should not determine what quality of education one gets. Time to eradicate this kind of practice out of the school system. Education should be equal opportunity for all not just the privileged. Give all students a fair chance to learn. Don’t let zip codes, stop them from achieving their dreams.

  36. Education is very important for all children of all races. Our children have been mis-educated for so long they dont even want to go to school. Subliminally they know something is wrong but they can’t put theur finger on it so they act out in different ways. But all of dis dumb-downing of the education system is all part of a scheme to put & keep our childrens mind in a minor’s state of being! I feel in my heart that GRASSROOTS movement such as this will start a wave that will build & become strong enough to knock down these barriers that have been put in our childrens way.

  37. My name is Erica R Williams and I recently founded a community benefit organization in my community to address inequality and inequity in north St Louis County, Missouri. (Ferguson and surrounding). A Red Circle, because all blood is red, exists to promote economic development through a racial equity lens. Quality education directly correlates to property values and community wellness. I love this initiative and definitely want to be a part. You can find us at

  38. This make me so happy that we can come together and help our children they are falling so far behind in my city.

  39. I promise to share this with other members of my church, friends, family and coworkers. I pray that our children get a chance to learn the way God intended them to learn . I pray for our children of all culture. Praise God for people like Mr. Franklin who are making a difference In Our culture

  40. Loving this! I will share!All children are entitled to a fair start in their lives!Equality in education!?????

  41. Loving this! I willshare!All children are entitled to a fair start in their lives!Equality in education!???????

  42. Love it, I am a product of the public school system here in Chicago, and although I had a great Elementary experience , as the trajectory of the inner city started to change and shift , so did our schools and resources. High School was boring and lacked luster and in my opinion interest in minorities simply because the school I chose begin to integrate and racial fight would constantly be a factor . I seen working class communities be transformed to drug infested hubs , addiction to crack and heroin ruined the hopes and dreams of many young boys and girls . When we moved in the community the great white flight began and by that Time I was finishing High School, you can sense the tides changing ….Now those communities are almost war zones as many of its residents fight to keep a community afloat, meanwhile a crime is being commuted up the streets . So I feel we need HOPE and I would like to become a vehicle to help distribute it to the best of my knowledge!

  43. I would like to start a chapter here in detroit michigan. Someone getback to me vua email or fb moment to have facetime and talk

  44. Thank you for all you do. I took the pledge thirty years ago when God call me into youth ministry. Like Nehinma I’m rebuilding the walls of my village one mentor, one student at a time.
    Pray for us and Labour’s
    God bless

  45. We don’t have Equity. If equality means giving everyone the same resources, equity means giving each student access to the resources they need to learn and thrive. Every student is different, they learn by different modalities. They need the right tools to bring them to the level playing field.
    This is the start of a powerful movement….

  46. This is a significant movement to reach into our students schools through Prayer…. It needs to be fortified by the Christian community and local Churches partnering with the school down the street. We can change the environment of most schools when we pray and reach out to the schools with Gods Love and truth. This outreach to our public schools is a 3 fold movement (PRAY, CARE AND SHARE)

  47. In the first place, I would like to say thank you for welcoming me a Malawian by Nationality.
    I seriously take it as Gods divine appointment.
    Im very much interested in this project because my background interms of education is that of education in equality gap , whereby I strggled to be an educated pastor of the church since my father abandoned me while I was just four years old.
    I strongly support this vision it should worldwide by Gods Grace.
    Currently, Im a pastor , holding an academic degree in Theology & Religious Studies..
    I promise to work with you if possible.
    Best Regards in Jesus Name
    Foster Chavula

  48. What an awesome vision and movement. I believe that each child should be represented equally when it comes to receiving an education no matter where they are from or what their zip code is. I will be praying for the children and our nation, very glad to take the pledge.

  49. I just watch The poet Reciting training ground. It was very powerful A lot of information important things to know about Students are absorbing in their minds.God’s children Need to be educated here on Earth. Prayer Is powerful And will get results. Life continues After the Bell We need to talk to our studentsAnd get them to open up. We can teach them better Where we know What they’re facing in life. Let them know We are here to teach But we are also here to help.

  50. Howdy! This article couldn’t be written any better! Looking through this post reminds me of my
    previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about this.

    I most certainly will send this article to him.
    Fairly certain he’s going to have a very good read.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I took a kid in because he didn’t want t change schools when he had to live with his dad. This year two of my daughter’s friends want to use my address just go to her school. But we just moved and no longer considered in that district even though the house is still in the same town and mail is in the same town.

      1. GOD is moving in a mighty way and the children shall lead the way. To GOD Be The Glory. It will get better and this is part of my everyday Prayer.