Earlier this week, Indiana Senate leadership announced that they would not move forward with House Bill 1134. This dangerous piece of anti-truth legislation sought to restrict educators’ ability to teach about race and racism. In addition to its chilling effect on honest classroom explorations of our nation’s history, the bill added onerous new work requirements for teachers and made it harder for students to access needed mental health care.

Through TEP’s direct advocacy form, over 21,000 emails were sent to Indiana decision-makers calling on lawmakers to oppose this bill and others like it. These letters, alongside the valiant efforts of teachers, parents, students, and other advocacy groups produced substantial public pressure and compelled Senate leadership to drop the bill. 

This effort to oppose Indiana’s HB1134 aligns closely with TEP’s new campaign with EduColor, “Truth Matters for Students” – designed to educate and empower against the white supremacist, anti-Black attack on critical race theory. The campaign resources communities to support students, educators, and community members and equips them to respond to erroneous legislative assaults like those in Indiana. 

The Expectations Project mobilizes people of faith to act nationally and locally to eliminate education inequity.


March 7, 2022
The Expectations Project

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