Minnesota School Discipline Report Card 2020


This Minnesota School Discipline Report Card is focused on five policy goals aimed at protecting students from harmful practices and addressing racial disparities, including: 1) Increased Transparency and Reporting; 2) Embracing Restorative Models; 3) Reforming Suspension Guidelines; 4) Improving Counselor-to-Student Ratios; 5) Banning Corporal Punishment

To learn more about each of these policy goals, please read this blog post: Advocate for these FIVE urgent policy changes to protect students from harmful discipline practices

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Hope for Students is a national movement of people of faith committed to eliminating disparities in our public education system, especially along lines of race and class. We believe all God’s children deserve a world-class education. For this reason, we also believe that no child should be punished more often, or more severely, in our schools due to the color of their skin.

December 18, 2019
The Expectations Project

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