Every Kid Needs A Champion | Top Five TED Talks on Education


“Every child deserves a champion.” – Rita Pierson

Think about the people who have made the biggest difference in your life. What did they all have in common? How did they make you feel?

Listen in as Rita Pierson, a veteran of America’s classrooms for 40 years, shares the secrets of unlocking young hearts and minds, and unleashing the purpose and potential of students — especially those in your own backyard.

This is a rousing call to action for anyone who wants to make an impact in the lives of students: believe in them and connect with them on a real, human, personal level. Perhaps you can be the one to make that difference.


September 21, 2015
The Expectations Project

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  1. All I can say after watching this video, is oh my God. Even though it was in an academic environment I kept saying preach. Her talk touched the inner parts of my soul because I have seen the deficient in our educational system and it’s effect on certain groups. I have seen those brilliant children who have no interest, and no excitement about school or learning. Many of them live in poverty, feeling rejected and hopeless. Her message was one of passion and true calling. As I progress through my dissertation on: “Sustaining Academic Growth and Development after Headstart” I realize that this will truly be a journey of discovery.

  2. Awesome Message,
    I feel like Sobing because of this message. Im really a Pastor but the message has brought all orphans, street kids, kids from poor background, striken with hunger, all just from my local church and where I come from.
    Some girls dropped school though very brilliant in class got married due to the force of poor parents thought we alleviating their poverty
    This message has brought deep thoughts in about the role I should play to champion the situation about filling the gap of inequality in education.
    Please,man of God, distance is not a barrier, I have never heard the vision that is being rooted in me through these messages about hope for students.
    I wish you wrong life in Jesus name.
    Foster Chavula

  3. This message was so important. Teaching is one thing, but leaving a legacy is a Blessing, Some students come to school just to get a way from the out side world. When they have a Champion in there corner, at school (their teacher) They not only learn what is in school to learn, they learn they can handle the outside would. They become better people., better student and yes, a Champion them selves. A simple guesser a something to eat. Some kids don’t get to eat before class and when your hungry you can not concentrate and with out concentration, you can not learn. Sometime what we call a :Bad kid” Could be a child yelling for help. Like I have always said. LIFE CONTINUES WAY AFTER THE BELL FOR THE END OF SCHOOL.