Teachers Need Real Feedback | Top Five TED Talks On Education


“I’m excited about the opportunity to give all our teachers the support they want and deserve.” – Bill Gates

Great teachers make a huge difference in the lives of their students. Hope for Students believes every child in America should have access to the best teachers on the planet. Unfortunately, our system is falling short of this promise.

Our country is even getting beat by Shanghai, China, whose students rank number one across the board in reading, math and science. What is China doing that we’re missing? What’s the secret to their success?

Listen in as one of the nation’s leading philanthropists, Bill Gates, describes where our country is falling short by not providing teachers with the one simple thing that all of us need if we’re going to improve: great feedback.

We fail our teachers — and we fail our students — when we don’t give teachers the feedback they need to move from good to great, and from great to amazing. Let’s give all teachers the resources they need to be amazing.


September 22, 2015
The Expectations Project

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