Win FREE event with Propaganda in your hometown!


Want to bring Propaganda and other amazing artists like Kirk Franklin to your hometown for an event to shine a light on education inequality?

Take the Hope for Students pledge anytime between now and July 31, 2016 and you’ll automatically be entered in a contest to win a FREE opportunity attend an exclusive event with Propaganda to rally people of faith to end educational inequality and celebrate local heroes who are making a difference for students. Pro-tip: Whatever zip code generates the most pledges wins! 

On September 10, 2016  Hope for Students will be hosting one special event featuring Kirk Franklin and other artists called ZIP CODE ≠ DESTINY. All movement makers (i.e. anyone who takes the Hope for Students pledge) within 50 miles of this special event will be given a free ticket to attend. Did we mention this event will be held in whatever city has the most pledge takers?

In other words, don’t just take the Hope for Students pledge yourself. Share it with your congregation! Win this together.

“Wait, what is the Hope for Students pledge?”

We’re glad you asked. At Hope for Students our vision is to grow a national movement of people of faith, people just like you, who will stand up and make few small commitments on behalf of students: 1) To pray for our nation’s students, especially for those who are being left behind; 2) To learn more about education inequality; and 3) To find ways to make a difference for students right in your own backyard. The Hope for Students movement is here to help guide you on this journey.

We promise we won’t bombard you with emails or ask you for money. That’s not what this is about. This is about giving everyone a place to start. You don’t need to understand everything, or have all the answers. You just need to make a commitment to understand more. Hope for Students is here to help you do that. It’s also about the power of standing up and being counted.

That’s what you’re doing by taking the Hope for Students pledge. You’re raising your hand. You’re shining a light.

So what are you waiting for? Recruit your friends, your small group (or even your whole congregation!) to increase your chances of bringing Propaganda to your town. Take the Hope for Students Pledge to enter the contest. Official contest rules here.

Here’s the Hope for Students pledge:

Hope For Students + Kirk Franklin.001

July 13, 2016
The Expectations Project

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  1. our children live in a world that is diverse and will forevermore be. It is to our great benefit as a nation and world member to educate all of our students so that they each can make a contribution to improve and maintain this planet that God has given, not just to some, but to all of His children. We need to create a strong, supportive coalition to make sure that equality in all aspects of life exist for all children and most definitely the public education that we all without respect to color, race, or religion pay for.

  2. This Is A GREAT Way To Give Back To The Community and To Let Our Youth Know That We Believe In And Want The Best For Them.

  3. Our children and our grandchildren we need to come toghter and help in education.stand by them teach them give them the tool for a better the love and understanding of a good education so that they can take with them for the rest of there life a better life.that can make a big difference in our world them how to pray so important to have as well.may god bless all our children…….