Centering the Joy of Black and Brown Children

Black pre-school aged boy in yellow shirt smiles while playing with blocks and Brown girl in tank top and with long brown hair also smiles

This year at TEP we’re dreaming of learning environments that are safe and nurturing. In that pursuit, we believe in centering the joy of Black and Brown children.

When children have their joy centered they can be more grounded, more focused, freer, and happier. Joy allows students to thrive. We want that for Black and Brown children.

We believe that there are policies that we can support and emphasize in pursuit of this dream.

  • Affirm Black and Brown identities through curriculum and materials. Inclusive and culturally responsive books and movies in class or in libraries help children feel seen, loved and valued.
  • Prioritize and encourage time for PLAY. Silliness and playfulness are empowering, meaningful, and joyful. Student play is critical in both learning and non-learning settings.
  • Recruit and hire teachers of color. Students feel free to experience joy when they are seen and acknowledged in full.

What does it mean to treasure Black and Brown children so much that we center their joy? Share your thoughts in the comments.

September 27, 2022
The Expectations Project

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