Policy Priority Area: Adequate Supplies, Facilities, and Resources for Equitable Learning

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This month at TEP, we are focusing on our Policy Priority Areas. We want to emphasize why each area is important in realizing our goal of providing quality education for all of God’s children. This year, our main focus is on prioritizing the joy of Black and Brown children.

A crucial element of that work involves investing in physical spaces that foster creativity and broaden students’ imagination. To help get us there, we are supporting policies that ensure adequate supplies, facilities, and resources for equitable learning through:

  • Free wireless and suitable devices to make use of it, along with user training. Remote access is critical for equitable learning
  • Functioning school buses and school buildings with strong infrastructure. This includes air conditioning, heat, clean water, and schools that are well-ventilated.
  • Healthy meals and snacks and sufficient medical care resources
  • Curricula and materials that affirm history and truth in schools

In addition to advocating for and supporting the policies above, we’ve compiled resources for teachers, students, parents, and community members that support and promote equitable learning.

Equitable Learning Resources

Truth Matters for Students
by The Expectations Project + EduColor

A resource for folks who want to ensure students receive an accurate, full education and resist the ongoing anti-truth/anti-CRT movement. TEP & EduColor help students, teachers, parents, and community members learn what’s going on and what can be done to ensure all students learn the truth and receive a quality education. 

The Anti Racist Teacher / Textured Teaching (workbook, e-course, and additional resources)
by Lorena Germán + Multicultural Classroom

For teachers who want to create an anti racist classroom and employ culturally sustaining practices, but need some tools to get there. These books and their accompanying resources present “theoretical and research-based frameworks to develop anti racist reading instruction practices” and include planning tools and sample units for ELA, math and sciences, and across grade levels. 

Social Justice books reading list
by Teaching for Change

From their site: “The best selection of multicultural and social justice books for children, YA, and educators.” They also have an anti-bias book talk series that’s worth checking out!

A Gift for Teaching

There are a ton of local resources available to help teachers and students thrive. We learned of this one from one of our staff members who is a former Florida educator. At A Gift for Teaching, teachers and students in central Florida can come “shop” in person or online for free school supplies and resources provided by community partners! What local resources are in your area helping teachers and students thrive? 

First Book Marketplace

From their site: Addressing “barriers to education faced by children in low-income and historically excluded communities by providing brand-new books and resources to children in need.” / “a nonprofit that provides educators who serve kids in need with essentials for learning and life.” Adults can sign up today to receive free books and resources for the kids they love and serve!

This is just a sample of the incredible work that is out there. If you have something we should add to our list, drop it in the comments below!

August 29, 2023
The Expectations Project

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